About the Competition


Vote for Change is an initiative of New Israel Fund UK and supported by the Desert Flowers Foundation

Vote for Change began after UK NIF board member, Dani Jaff Klein, returned from two years working with small charities in Israel, determined to raise their profile. Dani launched a blog competition, showcasing small innovative organisations and a prize pot, allowing the public to vote on which should receive the money. At the same time, the blog introduces these organisations to a wider audience. Click here to read more about Desert Flowers

Today, the New Israel Fund UK has expanded this fantastic competition to showcase and support grassroots innovation in Israel. Each competition four unique organisations are profiled, with the winning organisation receiving the prize money to support their work.

If you know of a small charity or social project in Israel which you think should win £1000, please feel free to email voteforchange@uknif.org and let us know.

The Prize Money

Each competition will make £1000 available to the winning organisation. In addition, supporters can donate through the site to add to the total prize money, or to give to one of the four organisations of their choice directly.


Each vote will run for a designated period specified on the ‘Vote Now’ page. Repeated emails voting for the same organisation more than once will not be counted. We collect emails at voting in order to communicate the results of the competition to supporters.

The New Israel Fund

The New Israel Fund (NIF) exists to help secure Israel’s long term survival and prosperity for all its citizens. We support Israelis who apply its Jewish and democratic values by protecting human rights, tackling poverty, promoting religious tolerance, cultivating co-existence and preserving the environment.

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